Why am I getting a "no internet connection" error when using the Desktop/Download player?

Check your time and time zone settings on your system. If you have the wrong time on your Windows or Mac computer, it will cause an error with your Download player.


Need help setting your clock?

Setting the clock on Windows 7:

Setting the clock on Windows 8:

Setting the clock on OS X Mountain Lion:


Some additional troubleshooting steps...

-Please update Adobe Air to the latest version.

-It’s also a good idea to clear your flash cache...

To clear your flash cache:

•    Go to "Control Panel."
•    Search for "Flash."
•    Right click on "Flash Player" to open settings.
•    On Storage Tab, select "Delete All."
•    This will reveal a new window entitled "Delete All Site Data in Flash Player."
•    Make sure both boxes for "Delete All Site Data and Settings" and "Delete All Audio and Video License Files" are checked. Then, click on "Delete Data."
•    Clear your browser cache and all browsing data, then close and re-open your browser, and log in to the web store to try playing it again.

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