What is UltraViolet?

UltraViolet is a free, cloud-based digital rights library that gives you greater flexibility with how and where you watch the movies and TV shows that you purchase. When you buy a movie or TV show from a participating retailer, it's automatically added to your UltraViolet Library and you have options to stream it over the Internet and/or download it for offline viewing to a variety of devices. Because UltraViolet offers so many viewing choices, you have greater freedom to choose where you want to watch -- on a mobile device, computer, television, game console, etc. When you link your CinemaNow account to UltraViolet, you can access these titles.


Look for the  logo on a title’s details page for UltraViolet™ titles.


For more information, please visit Please note, rented titles will only be available with the retailer from which they are rented.

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