FAQs for Target Ticket Account Migration to CinemaNow

Target has made the decision to end the services offered on Target Ticket and will be focusing efforts on other entertainment offerings.  Effective March 7th, 2015, Target Ticket will no longer be accessible on device applications, gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones or on the web. 


What happens to titles I bought and stored in my Target Ticket library?

Target has arranged for CinemaNow and Disney Movies Anywhere, to provide access to your movies — at no cost to you. Beginning 3/7/15, go to to migrate your Target Ticket library to a CinemaNow account. For Disney Movies Anywhere eligible content, codes and instructions will be sent directly to you via email.


When will I be able to view my purchases from Target Ticket on CinemaNow?

It will take up to 24 hours after your consent to transfer the movies. Once your purchases from Target Ticket have been migrated to your CinemaNow account, you can view them the next day on CinemaNow.


 What happens to the Target Ticket app on my smartphone, tablet, gaming system smart TV, etc.?

Effective 3/7/15, the apps will have a landing page that will direct you to CinemaNow. However, the apps will become inactive shortly thereafter, so we suggest that you delete the Target Ticket app from your device.


What happens to the credit I currently have in my Target Ticket account?

Your stored credit will be transferred to CinemaNow beginning 3/7/15 and will be available when you sign up with CinemaNow to access your library.


What happens to payment information stored on Target Ticket?

To protect your privacy, your payment information will not be transferred to CinemaNow. The first time you log into CinemaNow (using your Target Ticket Username/Password), you will need to enter your payment information.


Can I use a REDCard and get 5% off on CinemaNow?

Because CinemaNow is not affiliated with Target, you will not be able to pay with your REDcard.


Can I use the Target Ticket gift card I purchased at Target on CinemaNow?

Target Ticket Gift Cards will not be accepted by CinemaNow. Your Target Gift Cards can still be used for any merchandise purchased in Target stores or on


I have a credit code from a product I purchased at Target Ticket or a code for a digital version of a DVD I purchased at Target. Can I use that code on CinemaNow?

Yes, you will be able to use any non-expired code on CinemaNow.


What if I already have a CinemaNow account?

Beginning on March 7th, you’ll be able to merge your Target Ticket account into your existing CinemaNow account. Any title available to transfer will become part of your CinemaNow library.  Store credit will be given during the account migration process for any titles that can not transfer.  


What will happen to my preorders and season passes?

Any titles that were preordered will be canceled and your account will NOT be charged. Season Passes will transfer over to CinemaNow, if they’re available. Any shows that aren’t offered on CinemaNow, will be reimbursed with a CinemaNow store credit.


How will I be accommodated for movies/TV shows that aren’t a part of the CinemaNow library?

If your Target Ticket movie or TV show isn’t available to transfer right now, you’ll get a CinemaNow store credit for the price you paid for the title. You can use this credit to buy or rent any movies or TV shows that are currently available on CinemaNow.
In addition, for Disney Movies Anywhere eligible content, codes and instructions will be sent directly to you via email.


Why cant I download the Target Ticket App on my device any longer?

The Target Ticket app for smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, and enabled TV’s, is no longer available to download from all app stores.  If you’ve already downloaded the Target Ticket app to your device, you can continue to use it until 3/7, when the Target Ticket app will direct you to the CinemaNow landing page.


What devices will I be able to view my movies on after the transfer?

You can find which devices are compatible with CinemaNow by visiting


What is the deadline for signing up with CinemaNow to access my previous library on Target Ticket?

You must start the migration process on or before March 7, 2020


How will I know which of my movies purchased from Target Ticket will be available from CinemaNow?

For content that is not available or eligible to be transferred to CinemaNow, your CinemaNow account will automatically be credited the amount you paid for the missing content upon your consent of the library transfer. In addition, if you have purchased eligible Disney, Pixar, and/or Marvel movies from Target Ticket, you will be able to unlock your eligible content via Disney Movies Anywhere codes that will be sent to you directly via email.


Should I use the same email address for CinemaNow that I used for Target Ticket?

Yes. For the smoothest possible transition to CinemaNow, it’s important that you use the same email address you used for purchasing movies from Target Ticket.



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