Why am I missing certain Movies or TV shows from my library?

•    Your parental control settings could be blocking some of your titles.  You may access/edit these settings by going to and selecting “My CinemaNow” then “Account”. From here you’ll be able to check or change your parental control settings.  Scroll to the Parental Controls section.  Click the pencil icon to edit these settings.  If the "Filter Content" option is "On," take a look at how you have your filters set.

•    If your UV titles, including the ones you purchased from CinemaNow, have disappeared from your library, make sure your CinemaNow account is still linked to your UV account.  If it is not, please link the accounts.  Sometimes a UV account linking refresh is needed, even if it appears linked.  Simply un-link and then re-link your account. 


•    You may be using a device running an older version of the CinemaNow App that may not support UltraViolet.  These devices will not show titles from your UltraViolet library.


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