How do I activate a Bluray or TV to my CinemaNow account?

There are 2 different methods for activating a Bluray or TV depending on the CinemaNow app version. Please follow these steps:

Method 1 (for newer devices that give you an activation code)

•    Download the CinemaNow app on your device from your device's app store and launch the app
•    You’ll be provided with an activation code once you launch the app
•    Go to from a computer and enter the activation code there

Method 2 (for older devices that request a code be entered for activation)

•    Go to using a computer to obtain an activation code
•    Launch the CinemaNow app on your device and enter the activation code

Your device is now activated and you’re all set to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows from our app. You can view, rename and deactivate your device by going to once you’re signed in to your account.

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